Inline Skate Ninja

1330 28th Street SE
Washington, DC - 20020



Inline Skate Ninja builds better people through the art of inline skating. At ISN, we aim to offer the best quality inline skating learning experience through personalized lessons and group instruction. Through our instruction and certification process, our students improve their skating knowledge and ability as well as important safety, critical thinking, and organizational skills.

Inline Skate Ninja is building and growing in the Washington, DC area. As the skating community grows, the local industry that supports it needs to grow as well. We have ambitious goals to become the premier skate instruction school of Washington, DC.

Be sure to check out some of the other services that we offer including skate repair courses, fitness routines, and skate instructor certification (Coming soon).



DC Inner City Excellence—DC Inner City Excellence (DC-ICE) unites urban skaters of all backgrounds in pursuit of excellence in body, mind, and spirit. DC-ICE is rooted in the universal principles of Olympism and attracts Olympic-caliber athletes, coaches & community leaders to serve as instructors, mentors & supporters of year-round skating-based youth development programs

CyberNinjaz — Cyberninjaz is a summer camp and technology company founded in 2014 by a group of educators and professionals with a passion for education and workforce development.

Peterbug Shoe Repair Academy — John “Peter Bug” Matthews, a fifth-generation Washingtonian, has been training young men as cobblers since 1977. He became known as “Peter Bug” because of an old VW he fixed up and drove years ago. Members of his Academy, some as young as 8 years old, commit to learning a trade, keeping up their grades, and performing public service. Leather repairs and other part-time jobs help them earn money without getting into trouble. Some of the shoes young apprentices learn to fix are donated, and well-repaired shoes are given to families unable to afford new footwear.



In the Summer of 2017, Inline Skate Ninja took its first steps to becoming it's own skate instruction school. Malik and 5 other skaters ventured from Washington, DC to Torrance, California to participate in Camp Skate IA's 2017 summer program. After a week of skating and workshops, everyone successfully passed their level 1 skate instructor certification, enhancing their ability to deliver inline skating to the Washington, DC area.



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