"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

In January of 2015, 3 friends jumped headfirst into a ridiculous crowdfunding project with hopes of going to Japan. Little did they know hat the experience would lead to the transformation of their way of life as well as their individual perspectives on living and purpose.

Japan or SPLAT is interview focused, documentary film about hope, failure, confidence, and the audacity to live in the face of the life's challenges. Follow the adventures of Malik, Alanzo, and Matt as they tell their stories of how experiencing a ridiculous failure pushed them towards living lives of excitement, adversity, and meaningful work.  

About the journey

As the campaign came to a drastic failure, only raising 2% of the total funds requested, things began to fall apart. Hard drive failures, family crises, and the ever present challenges of adulthood in the DMV, it seemed as though all hope was lost for their one true goal of making a film that would inspire others.

After the campaign, the group became more distant as they managed to work out the details of sky diving. Eventually, they achieved their goal of jumping out of a perfectly good plane. Just when things seemed to be going so well, everything fell apart and the group disbanded and all public news feeds for the project went silent.

7 months later, the silence was finally broken with Malik's announcement that filming had finally resumed and that his solo trip to Japan was finally becoming a reality.