Inline Skate Ninja


We offer programming though out the year for adults and children ages 8 & up!

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Wednesday & Friday




At the end of the day doesn't it sound nice to take a break and skate with your friends? Join us while the weather's pleasant in some skating after school. Monday through Friday, during the school year, we offer both on-site programming at select schools as well as activity sessions on Capitol Hill and Anacostia Skate Pavilion.



  • Wednesday - Slalom & Tricks

    • Capitol Hill - Peterbug’s @ 13th & E SE

    • 4:15pm - 5:45pm

  • Friday - City Skating Class

    • Capitol Hill - Peterbug’s @ 13th & E SE

    • 4:15pm - 5:45pm


Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning Sessions



Practice. Play. Then Practice some more.

All work and no play doesn't make for a very good ninja. On Saturday mornings (10am - Noon) join us as we exercise both our physical and mental abilities. Be sure to bring some a pair of shoes - by combining on and off skate exercises, we've put together a regiment that's sure to keep you excited and engaged in every activity.



  • Saturday Morning - Skill Building Session

    • Anacostia Skate Pavilion - 1500 Anacostia Drive SE

    • 10am - Noon

    • Covered space = Rain or Shine!


Spring & Summer

Camp Skate Ninja



Spend a week this summer skating around Washington, DC improving your skating skills and taking in all the amazing things the city has to offer.

If you've ever wanted to get off the trail and into the bike lane, but have never felt like the safest thing on your own, we've got an experience for you. Sign up for a 4 day (Monday - Thur) inline skating workshop where we use the city as our classroom. Using the various terrain the city has to offer , students will spend time learning and practicing the skills necessary to become a true Inline Skate Ninja.



  • Full day of skating activities

  • Seasonal

    • Spring Break

      • 1 week camp held in DC

    • Summer

      • 10 weekly sessions

      • 4 days of local skating activities

      • 7 day option includes travel to other cities

  • More details to be announced early 2019!